Filmmaker Guy Ritchie has based a character in his new movie on troubled rocker Pete Doherty.
Madonna's husband took inspiration from the Babyshambles frontman, whose shambolic lifestyle, drug addiction, court appearances, and love affair with supermodel Kate Moss have attracted acres of press coverage in the U.K.
Ritchie's forthcoming film RocknRolla, due for release in September (08), has a character called Johnny Story, who hangs out in a crack den in London.
The director tells Britain's Empire magazine, "At the time I was writing it, Pete Doherty was everywhere.
"I think what we all like is someone who fell and then stood up again. And that's probably the story with Pete Doherty.
"There seems to be an implication that people want to see him jump (commit suicide). But at the same time there's a desire to see the likes of him being reborn."