Director Guy Ritchie was left redfaced when he was unable to answer questions about his superstar wife Madonna on a French chat show yesterday (25SEP05).

The SNATCH film-maker, 37, was the surprise contestant of a Madonna quiz on TOUT LE MONDE EN PARLE (EVERYBODY'S TALKING ABOUT IT) on Sunday, four days after Ritchie and Madonna attended the Paris premiere of his latest film Revolver.

When asked Madonna's real name, Ritchie stammered, "Er... er." After a fellow guest prompted him with "LOUISE CICCONE", Ritchie replied, "Yes. Louise Ciccone."

Ritchie was left further embarrassed when he declared his wife wore a dress by French designer HUTCHINS at their December 2000 wedding, when in fact it was Stella Mccartney.

Ritchie told host Thierry Ardisson, "You're going to get me in a whole lot of trouble."