Moviemaker Guy Ritchie has made a public apology to Ray Liotta after making the GOODFELLAS tough guy strip onscreen. The Snatch director insisted Liotta got naked for scenes in his most recent movie Revolver - but it was only when the Brit watched the film for the first time that he realised the actor was nude for three-quarters of the film. Ritchie says, "When he committed to the film, he committed to the thing, so he knew what he was getting into. "But I actually didn't realise he spent as little time with his clothes off as he did. "So many people have brought it up, particularly, the solarium scene. He wasn't completely naked; he had a white sock on I seem to remember - and not on his feet. "But that said, I'm sorry Ray, I didn't realise I had you stripped for what seems like most of the film."