Guy Ritchie has cast his superstar wife Madonna in his new movie - just two years after their film flop SWEPT AWAY.

The pair's last collaboration failed miserably at the American box office and went straight to video in Britain.

But the celebrity super-couple seem unrepentant and are teaming up again for REVOLVER - a new gangster film.

According to sources, Madonna has already shot her scenes on location on the Isle Of Man.

An insider tells British newspaper the DAILY MIRROR, "Everyone knows Madonna gets what she wants and she still loves to act.

"One of the things that attracted her to Guy was the fact that he is a film director - she is fascinated by his art."

Jason Statham and Ray Liotta also star in the new project - which Ritchie is particularly protective over.

The source adds, "Guy won't want anyone to judge the film before it comes out. And it's still not clear whether Madonna's scenes will even make the final cut."

13/12/2004 14:03