Guy Ritchie is facing a divorce from his wife Madonna, according to media reports.

The Mirror newspaper claims the 39-year-old has received a request from the Queen of Pop to end their seven-year relationship.

And it adds Madonna has hired Fiona Shackleton, who was in charge of Paul McCartney's high-profile split from ex-wife Heather Mills, to deal with the problem.

A source told the Sun: "They both got tired of fighting. It's like two prize-fighters slugging it out. Finally, they became exhausted."

According to the Mirror newspaper, the problem is his decision to quit Kabbalah.

The mystical Jewish religion has increasingly attracted Madge but Ritchie appears to be losing interest, the tabloid reports.

A source told the Sun: "Guy has turned his back on Kabbalah once and for all. He has gone hot and cold on the religion in the past but now he's given up in it altogether."

27/06/2008 11:19:24