Guy Ritchie wants Jamie Dornan to take the lead role in his King Arthur film series.

The 'Snatch' director was ''blown away'' when he met the 32-year-old actor and is desperate to sign him up for his forthcoming set of blockbuster movies for Warner Bros., but it could prove difficult because of the hunky star's commitment to three 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movies.

A source said: ''Jamie is hot property in Hollywood. Guy was completely blown away when he met him and wanted to offer the part immediately.

''Jamie is keen on the role, too, and his US agents are keen to work out a deal where he'll be able to do both franchises. They have to convince Universal to allow Jamie to make the film with Warner Brothers, which isn't looking promising.''

Dornan is said to be particularly keen to land the role because he doesn't want to be typecast by 'Fifty Shades', in which he plays kinky businessman Christian Grey opposite Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele.

The source added to The Sun newspaper: ''Jamie is keen to take on other roles and prove that he's an adaptable actor.

''He fears the huge 'Fifty Shades' franchise will be all he's associated with.''

It was previously revealed Guy was close to casting Idris Elba in the first of his planned movie series, a reimagining of the story of King Arthur and his legendary knights of the kingdom of Camelot.