Jacqui Ainsley has described her boyfriend Guy Ritchie as her "soulmate".

The British model has been dating the film director - whose ex-wife is Madonna - since March 2010 and admits she is completely in love with him and thinks her feelings are only getting stronger.

She said: "Guy's my soulmate. I love every moment we spend together. I can't see that ever changing."

The 29-year-old beauty now lives with Guy, 42, at his house in Marylebone, London, and has revealed the couple spend all their spare time with one another and enjoy nothing more than watching movies.

She added in an interview with Britain's HELLO! magazine: "I lived on my own for three years and I loved having my own space. But yes, now things have changed and I've moved to London. It was very organic, we were spending all our time together so it made sense.

"We love to watch films, read to each other, cook together . My dad teaches film and has done for 40 years so I've really grown up in a movie household. All the walls are covered in movie posters and many of the evening meals at 7.30 revolved around film discussions. So I come from a film-loving family. We definitely have that in Common."

Jacqui has hinted marriage and children could be in her and Guy's future but she doesn't want to start planning her big day until the 'Sherlock Holmes' filmmaker pops the question.

When asked what her long-term plans are, she answered: "When the time is right, hopefully married with children. It's something I think about: children are such a blessing. My eight-year-old godson is the apple of my eye.