Guy Ritchie's pub is being monitored after receiving noise complaints.

The Punch Bowl, located in London's exclusive Mayfair district, has been branded too raucous by furious residents living near the drinking establishment.

Westminster council has decided to install equipment to monitor the sound levels and Guy could even lose his license to serve alcohol if it is found to be too noisy.

A council spokesman said: "Managers at the pub are aware of this activity and it will take two weeks to complete."

A microphone and sound-monitoring equipment has been installed in an upstairs apartment next to The Punch Bowl after the council received 37 complaints.

Guy regularly holds late-night lock-ins - when he allows customers to remain in the pub after closing time - and books live Irish folk bands to perform at the venue.

A source said: "The neighbours are fed up with the racket, which sometimes goes on into the early hours."

The 'Sherlock Holmes' director has attempted to appease people who live nearby by insisting drinkers move inside the pub by 9pm and employing staff to work on the door to deal with troublesome revellers.

The Punch Bowl has become a regular haunt for a string of celebrities, including Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert Downey Jr., Justin Timberlake and Jude Law.

Guy bought the business in March 2008 with his then-wife Madonna. The 40-year-old filmmaker kept the pub in the divorce settlement.