Guy Ritchie is planning a glamping site on his estate in Somerset, England.

The acclaimed movie director has recently turned his attention towards the posh camping business, having previously trialled the concept at his wedding to model Jacquai Ainsley in 2015, when A-list guests were put up in expensive yurts.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Guy hopes to launch the venue this year. He already runs shooting events on his land. He believes there's a huge market for this. It's very high end.''

A string of famous faces stayed in the posh tents at Guy's wedding, including the likes of David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Henry Cavill.

David, 41, was also a regular at Guy's pub The Punch Bowl in London before the movie director decided to sell it in 2013.

David and Guy have formed a strong friendship over the years and in 2016, it was reported that the celebrity duo have bonded over their mutual love of dogs.

The retired soccer star and Guy, 48, both apparently treat their pet pooches to trips to a grooming parlour for a Brazilian-style trim twice a week.

A source previously explained: ''It's mad. Becks and Guy are both devoted to their puppies and spend a fortune sending them in a limo to a groomer twice a week together.

''They even go to each other's houses so they can play and get walked together. They know people will laugh but they don't care. They go down to the pub with Olive and Coco and show them off to the other drinkers.''

The extravagant treatment costs £75 at the Purplebone grooming parlour in west London and includes a full shampoo and blow dry, as well as teeth cleaning and a deodorising spray.