Guy Ritchie didn't want King Arthur to be a ''worthy'' character.

The 48-year-old director has been working on 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' and wanted to make the titular medieval hero - who is played by Charlie Hunnam - as ''likeable'' as possible so felt it was important he had a ''naughty'' side.

He said: ''The fundamental challenge with King Arthur is to make him likeable.

''If you're not careful, he's worthy. And once someone's worthy they're not likeable. So we had to create a character naughty enough for us to like him and simultaneously have him go on a journey that makes him respectable.''

Guy had planned to depict a ''rather dour, gloomy world'' - only to find themselves shooting in a ''f***ing stunning'' forest filled with greenery and dandelion seeds blowing in the breeze.

He laughed: ''There's all this tough-speak going on, and you have all these fluffy seed-pods blowing around! Not the aesthetic I was going for.

''I've learned that if you've got this in mind, then you get that. So you work with that.

''It looks like f***ing fantasy!''

Charlie's King Arthur is more ''streetwise'' than previous versions of the character, having grown up in a brothel in post-Roman Londinium.

The actor told Empire magazine: ''He's more streetwise and rough around the edges than most of the Arthurs we've seen.

''He's a wide-boy scoundrel with a heart of gold, who has a health ho has a healthy disdain for the ruling class.''