Antipodean star Guy Pearce thinks the huge budget afforded to his blockbuster movie The Time Machine caused it to flop.

The La Confidential actor thinks if a director has too much money to spend on a film, then they fritter it away on needless technicalities that only serve to confuse both cast and viewer.

Of his preference for smaller budget independent films, Pearce enthuses that he much prefers the attitude of, "We've only got $3.50 (GBP2.19), we have to work this script out now before we get on set and start shooting it. What the hell are we going to do?

"So let's rehearse it, in fact. There's an idea! Let's rehearse stuff and work it out. OK, we got it all worked out - now let's go and shoot it. Fantastic."

27/06/2003 09:15