British songwriter Guy Chambers would love to reform his successful partnership with Robbie Williams - but only on the condition the pop star records a duet with Shakira. Chambers, who composed many of Williams' best loved tracks including ANGELS and ROCK DJ, is convinced Williams would be guaranteed success in the US if he were to perform with the HIPS DON'T LIE hitmaker. He says, "(I would work with Robbie again) if he ever duets with Shakira. He should always have done that. It would be the perfect match and I would like to write the tune for it. "It would be a worldwide hit and would break Robbie in America." Chambers also admits that Williams' move to the US was part of the reason behind their split. He adds, "I think one of the main reasons that our partnership stopped was him moving to Los Angeles. "If I'd also moved out there we may have continued working together. But that idea wasn't really going to be possible."