Guru's close friend SOLAR has been targeted by an internet hacker - his page has been infiltrated and emails from his personal account leaked.
The producer hit headlines last month (Apr10) following the death of his famous pal, and he has since faced accusations from Guru's relatives that he sustained an unhealthy relationship with his friend, and also failed to notify them of the star's passing.
Now Solar has come under fire from an online prankster who has taken over his account and released private emails onto the web.
The unknown hacker has leaked sensitive documents including royalty statements from Guru's 7 Grand Records label and pictures of women romantically linked to Solar, according to
A statement posted on Solar's page, reads, "Remember that I am doing this for Guru. We all deserve the truth. I've posted these emails for you, now let me know what you think of them. Should I post more? Should I stop? Am I smooth? Elaborate! I've got around 800 mails, so it will take a while."
Solar has yet to comment on the reports.