British director Gurinder Chadha gave birth to boy and girl twins at a London hospital yesterday (07Jun07), after undergoing an emergency Caesarian section. The twins are 47-year-old Chadha, and her husband Paul Berges' first children. The babies weren't due until next month (Jul07), but the Bend It Like Beckham director predicted they would arrive early. Chadha said in an interview in February (07), "It's twins - there's lots of twins in my family. Paul and I have been married for 10 years so we're thrilled. It's been very hard to plan as we've been so busy. The babies are due in July, but twins always come early." Chadha has taken a break from her current project, a movie adaptation of the 1980s TV hit, Dallas. Berges is a co-writer on all of Chadha's films.