Ex-GUNS N' ROSES rocker Slash was left in no doubt his estranged family were his relatives when they devoured his backstage alcohol rider.

Slash, who was born in Stoke-On-Trent, England, was touring with the hedonistic band in the early 90s when the British arm of his family came along to watch a gig at London's Wembley Stadium.

And Slash, who has a well-documented history of alcohol and substance abuse, was amazed they managed to drink everything by the time he came off stage.

He says, "When my dad moved to America, he didn't get along with his dad at all and severed all ties with his British family.

"It wasn't until Guns N' Roses were playing Wembley that I got a phone call from a guy saying he was my dad's brother. It really was him, so the whole family came backstage at the Wembley gig.

"You can only imagine how much booze Guns N' Roses carried on the road.

"But when we came off stage we'd been completely cleaned out of anything with alcohol in it. I figure it runs in the family."

18/01/2005 21:29