Former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash is amazed his alcohol and drug-fuelled lifestyle has not killed him.

Slash - real name SAUL HUDSON - insists that he belonged to 'the world's most dysfunctional rock band' and that it's a miracle he's still living.

The guitarist, now a member of Velvet Revolver, says, "People expected us all to self-destruct. You know those death pools where people get to bet on who is going to croak next? Well, they stopped taking bets on all of us.

"We were all fairly excessive, apart from Axl Rose, who was always the clean guy. Around 1990, the rest of us started getting seriously f**ked up and, suddenly, we had another record to make.

"By that time STEVEN ADLER, our drummer was irretrievable. DUFF and myself had to tell him to clean up. Imagine how f**ked up you are if we have to tell you how f**ked up you are."

26/05/2004 17:24