Former GUNS N' ROSES rocker Slash needed to hit the road again with new band Velvet Revolver, because he didn't make enough money from his time with the rock legends to last him into retirement

The guitarist has rubbished reports he formed Velvet Revolver with ex-Guns N' Roses bandmates Duff Mckagan and Matt Sorum purely for fun, claiming each "self-sabotaging" member was left close to broke at the end of their spell in the NOVEMBER RAIN band.

And Slash admits their ability to squander their wealth forced them into forming a new band.

The rock icon - who vows to handle his finances with more care in future - says, "People don't realise the technicalities of the rise and fall of Guns N' Roses. Obviously I have a house and a car and a wife and kids, but it's still a matter of keeping your s**t together to be able to do this.

"It's kind of a long story. Not a depressing story, but we're all a bunch of f**king very reckless, self-sabotaging guys. Having been through all the s**t that I've been through, I'm a lot smarter now than I have been.

"You'd have to be stupid to make the same f**king mistakes eight times!"

14/01/2005 17:43