Former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash credits ROLLING STONE Keith Richards with inspiring him to become a musician.

The rocker grew up watching the Stones and was captivated by Richards' guitar skills and the way he handled being a rock icon.

Slash says, "Keith Richards is the s**t. If the Stones were the greatest narcissistic, chemically influenced rhythm and blues band ever, then Keith was their out-and-out party animal. He's utterly immersed in the notion of being a musician.

"Keith is so much more than some junkie rock'n'roll cliche.

"He's intellectual, he's aware of what he's up to. He's also in control."

"In high school I remember guys saying how s**tty the Stones were. That made me furious. Keith is an incredible musician, but he knows how to keep it simple."

22/12/2004 17:22