Former GUNS N' ROSES bassist Duff Mckagan admits the legendary band stopped enjoying their phenomenal success when two fans were trampled to death at their CASTLE DONNINGTON, England, concert.

McKagan claims the AXL ROSE-fronted group suddenly realised they had a responsibility to look after their followers following the tragic 1988 incident - an event which dramatically altered their outlook on music.

McKagan, now with Velvet Revolver, remembers, "It was bitter-sweet to put it f**king lightly. That was when it stopped being all laughs and we suddenly had a responsibility.

"You begin to think stuff like, 'If we'd never formed a band, those guys would still be alive today.' Anyway, that was why it was such a big deal when Axl started missing shows.

"When that a**hole wouldn't show up for hours we were scared for the safety of the fans. There would be riots."

03/10/2004 14:09