GUNS N' ROSES bassist TOMMY STINSON has stunned fans by promising the long-delayed follow-up album to 1993's SPAGHETTI INCIDENT will finally be released this year (05) to proceed a European tour.

The NOVEMBER RAIN rockers' only original bandmember Axl Rose has been the focus of numerous reports into his reclusive existence and his perfectionist approach to the still-unheard CHINESE DEMOCRACY disc, which was initially due for release in the late '90s.

However, following years of remixing and delayed release dates, Stinson is adamant the LP will hit record store shelves imminently and that summer gigs are currently being booked.

He says, "They're finishing up the mixing (of the new album) right now. Sorting out what songs are going on it and artwork and s**t. And hopefully sooner than later, it'll come out. I understand there's probably some European dates booked in the summer. Hopefully, that'll happen and we'll get over there and do it.

"Once it gets going, it's a lot of fun. There's a lot of f**kin' work involved with getting it going, but once it is going, it's a lot of fun."

08/02/2005 02:55