A Guns N Roses tribute band have said they may not include tracks from the band's new album CHINESE DEMOCRACY in their set due to concerns over quality.

UK GUNS N ROSES said they do not expect the new material to stand up against songs from the legendary LA rocker's classic period.

While they are not ruling out playing songs from the long-delayed album, they remain cautious about undermining the rest of their set.

"We're undecided as to whether or not we play any of the new Guns material next year as we feel it probably won't be anywhere near the work by the original, and best line-up [in our humble opinion]," said the band.

"So we're thinking of naming the New Year tour the 'Stick To Your Guns Tour 09'."

CHINESE DEMOCRACY has taken 15 years to complete, with singer Axl Rose now being the sole original member of the band.

The album has finally been scheduled for release on November 24th.

17/11/2008 14:02:34