LATEST: Legendary rockers Guns 'n' Roses will release their first album in 13 years next month (MAR06) when the long awaited CHINESE DEMOCRACY finally hits store shelves.

The LP has been more than a decade in the making after a series of postponements and production problems.

The NOVEMBER RAIN hitmakers last released new material in 1993 with their covers album THE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT.

Frontman Axl Rose has promised fans a more "complex" record and hinted at festival appearances this summer (06).

Guitarist Slash gushes, "I'm really excited. It's been a long time waiting to see what the next step was, but it's coming out in March and sounds great.

"I'm just waiting for the record to come out, so I'm glad we've finally got to the point that that's happening."

The new album contains 13 tracks with titles including BETTER, THERE WAS A TIME and THE BLUES.