GUNS N' ROSES have entered into a war of words with the organiser of the recent Rock in Rio festival after he publicly blasted the rockers for their punctuality.
The Welcome to The Jungle hitmakers have picked up a bad reputation for tardiness thanks to a number of late shows in recent years and Rock in Rio boss Roberto Medina has taken aim at Axl Rose and his bandmates, stating that their 2.40am appearance at his festival on 2 October (11) was unacceptable and shows a "lack of commitment" to fans.
But in a statement, the band's management has fired back, explaining why the concert performance ran so late.
A publicist tells, "Guns N' Roses would like to set the record straight on Rock In Rio. The festival's inadequate production and the downpour of rain delayed the event.
"GN'R walked onstage at 2.40am and played for two-and-a-half hours in the pouring rain. GN'R would never seek to intentionally disrespect anyone, especially their fans."
It wasn't the first time the band hit the stage late at the Rock in Rio festival - in 2001 they arrived two hours late for their headlining set.