GUNS N' ROSES frontman Axl Rose has been arrested in Stockholm after reportedly biting a security guard on the leg. The singer, who was performing in the Swedish capital last night (26JUN06), allegedly engaged in a drunken brawl with an unknown woman. A 30-year-old security guard, who tried to break up the fight, was bitten on the leg by the PARADISE CITY rocker and taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation in the early hours of this morning (27JUN06). Police spokesman LARS-ERIK LARSSON confirms, "He has been taken into custody, but I can't comment on anything more than that." Rose faces charges of damaging property, assault and threatening police. Police officer TOVE HAGG tells Swedish newspaper The Local, "We have a rock star, but we won't confirm the name yet. "I'm not sure if he was taken away in handcuffs, but he is in the drunk cell and we are waiting for him to sober up before we talk to him." Guns N' Roses are scheduled to play in Oslo, Norway, tomorrow (28JUN06) and in Denmark on Thursday (29JUN06).