Moviemaker Guillermo Del Toro won't return to direct a third Hellboy movie, according to the comic book character's creator.
Del Toro won rave reviews for his work on 2004's Hellboy and its sequel Hellboy 2: The Golden Army in 2008, with both films garnering box office sales of more than $200 million (£125 million).
But creator Mike Mignola insists he can't imagine the director accepting the same role on a new movie - because he's so busy trying to juggle all the films he wants to make.
Mignola says, "Guillermo, who I love, in every interview there's a new story on what his next movie is and he honestly believes he's going to do all these things. But last I heard he said, 'I'm never gonna get back to Hellboy.'
"I'm not surprised because he won't live long enough to do a tenth of the movies he's told me he's going to make."