Guillermo Del Toro is planning to make a ''really bizarre'' movie.

The 49-year-old director is looking to fit in the time to make a ''strange little'' film in between completing his haunted house horror 'Crimson Peak' and starting work on the 'Pacific Rim' sequel.

He told Collider: ''Right away, in February / March I should start on another very small movie, black and white, really, really bizarre.

''We start pre-production on Pacific Rim 2 in August, and then I interrupt it briefly to go into the first of next year to do this strange little movie, and then I restart it and go all the way until we start shooting at the end of 2015 for release in 2017.''

While he refused to give away much other than the project will have ''one great creature'', Del Toro is already eyeing a cast for the mystery movie.

He said: ''It's a very small cast. I would love to have John Hurt, and there's an actress that I have in mind that is not well known but I've seen her in a short film. That's all she's really done, one feature and one short, but she has an incredibly interesting taste and I'm gonna try her out for the main role.''