Hollywood director Guillermo Del Toro has assured fans of classic sci-fi comic HELLBOY his big screen epic is a faithful adaptation of the series.

Del Toro, who shot to fame after directing Blade II in 2002, has always been desperate to make his dream film, and even turned down potential blockbusters like Harry Potter AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN to focus on Hellboy.

Guillermo says, "The movie is full of nods and winks to the fans, but it's made for anybody to be able to watch it.

"So if you don't notice the pancake joke as an insider, at least you'll notice he's going to swallow 50 pounds of pancakes."

Del Toro picked BLADE II star Ron Perlman as his lead role with the help of the comic's creator MIKE MIGNOLA.

Hellboy will hit American screens next month (APR04).

28/03/2004 10:35