Guillermo Del Toro and his wife of 31 years divorced secretly last year.

The 'Shape of Water' director has revealed he and Lorenza Newton - who married in 1986 - went their separate ways in February 2017, and their divorce was confirmed in September that year.

He told Mexican news magazine Reforma: ''I separated in February and divorced in September. But few people knew.''

It comes just days after del Toro was spotted walking arm-in-arm with screenwriter Kim Morgan at the Oscars, where he picked up the Best Director award for 'Shape of Water', which also won Best Picture.

Del Toro has now confirmed he and Kim - who has written his forthcoming film 'Nightmare Alley' - are simply friends and that she had no part in his divorce.

He added: ''She is working with me, we have a nice friendship.

''In case some news appears, let's clarify that I separated in February. I started working with her at the end of the summer.''

After being announced as Best Director, he thanked Kim, and his and Lorenza's daughters Marisa and Mariana in his speech, but made no mention of his ex.

He said: ''I want to thank the people who have come with me all the way - Kimmy, Robert, Gary, Wayne and George, and my kids.

''And I want to say, like Jimmy Cagney said once, 'My mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my brothers and sisters thank you, and I thank you.' ''

Del Toro and Lorenza started dating when they were both studying at the Instituto de Ciencias in Guadalajara, Mexico.