Oscar nominated moviemaker Guillermo Del Toro created the magical creatures in his hit film PAN'S LABYRINTH when he was a child - they visited him at night. The HELLBOY director admits he had a "spiritual" childhood and many of the fauns, goats and creatures he created in Pan's Labyrinth once showed up in his imagination at bedtime. He explains, "I would be visited by imaginary things. As a kid, I actually saw a goat creature, a faun, coming out from behind my grandmother's dresser. I saw it every night at midnight. "The hand of the creature would come first, then I would see half the face - a goat's face - but the hand would be a man's. Then the goat leg would come out, and I would start screaming. "It was almost like a ritualistic nightmare." He reveals hauntings in all his cult films were inspired by his own bedroom nightmares: "The key scenes in CRONOS and THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE happened to children in bed."