Mexican moviemaker Guillermo Del Toro celebrated his six Oscar nominations by making love to his wife. The PAN'S LABYRINTH writer/director, who is nominated for Original Screenplay, was trying to play it cool when the nominations were announced, but found himself wide awake at 3am waiting to see if he or his film had been selected. But Del Toro soon relaxed once the nominations were read out - his proud wife offered him sex. The director recalls, "I knew they were going to be read at 5.15 (am), so I went to bed, pretending I was normal and relaxed and I woke up with my heart palpitations and I looked at my watch... I didn't have my glasses on and I went, 'Oh my God, it's 5.25!' "I ran downstairs... I sat on the couch, put on my glasses and it was 3.25. Now, I'm fully awake, panicked, horrified and I started to watch The Wild Bunch - the movie by Sam Peckinpah. "My wife came down... she sits with me on the couch, we heard the nominations, and that couch had some action that night."