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Debut LP 'Through The Windowpane'

Released on Polydor Records, July 10th

"Emotive, epic pop from the quartet, who provide an expansive, compelling alternative to current British pop acts" - The Independent

Recorded in London's Air Studios, "Through The Windowpane" is the eagerly anticipated debut LP from Britain's most original and wildly inventive new talent - Guillemots.

Click here to listen to tracks from Guillemots debut album Through The Windowpane - Out 10th July 2006

Predominantly written by lead singer Fyfe Dangerfield, but featuring three songs written collectively by the band ('Come Away with Me', 'And if All...' and live favourite 'Sao Paulo'), the album features just under an hour's worth of stunningly ambitious pop music, and was produced by Fyfe with co-production from Chris Shaw (whose credits include Bob Dylan, Wilco and Public Enemy) and Adam Noble (Paul McCartney, Red Hot Chilli Peppers).

Featuring the critically acclaimed singles 'Trains to Brazil' and 'We're Here', plus the forthcoming 'Made-Up Lovesong #43' (released June 26th), the album starts and ends with a full symphony orchestra, and stops off at all manner of places in between - the playful Casio kindergarten drum 'n' bass of the title track, the desolate phantom guitars of 'If the World Ends', the traffic jam samba and Cassablanca-meets-Vertigo strings of 'Sao Paulo', the haunting colliery band on 'Redwings' (featuring the guest harmony vocals of Joan as Police Woman) and the rumbling Motown-in-a-tornado drumbeats and swelling harmonies of the aforementioned singles.

Whilst sounding entirely original and modern, the album also seems to hark back to the era of legendary producers such as Phil Spector and Brian Wilson, whose records sounded as daring, expansive and bold as they did melodic and catchy. This is unashamedly pop music, but it is also unashamedly individual - unashamedly Guillemots, in fact.

Hailing from Birmingham, Canada, Brazil and the Scottish Highlands respectively, Guillemots are: Fyfe Dangerfield (keyboards, vocals), Aristazabal Hawkes (double bass), Mc LorD maGrAO (guitar) and Greig Stewart (drums).

Earlier this year they performed at America's South by Southwest festival and are currently on a major tour of the UK. They were recently nominated as a Best Newcomer in the Mojo Awards, and have earned plaudits from artists as diverse as Rufus Wainright, Paul Weller, William Orbit, The Streets and the Scissor Sisters.

"Guillemots' music is instantly accessible and engaging, drawing from any musical style to make its point. Dangerfield, managing to project confidence and insecurity at the same time, has a truly remarkable voice - at times Rufus Wainwright, at times Jeff Buckley, at times Thom Yorke." - Evening Standard

"The fraught poetry of their lyrics and the spectral beauty of their sound adds up to some of the most haunting and joyful music I have heard this year" - Sunday Times Culture

"Smooth and brassy pop is their guiltless pleasure" - Guardian

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