Guided By Voices Stream New Track 'Table At Fool's Tooth' From Upcoming Album 'Cool Planet' [Listen]

Guided By Voices Stream New Track 'Table At Fool's Tooth' From Upcoming Album 'Cool Planet' [Listen]

With Cool Planet, Robert Pollard and co offer up another wineskin full of great songs to listen to, recorded in a single proper studio - Cyberteknics in Dayton, Ohio - for the first time since their inexhaustible reformation. There's some unusually consistent and consistently awesome production on Cool Planet, thanks to the array of vintage equipment on offer at Cyberteknics.

Look what Guided By Voices have done for the world since reforming in 2010. Six high-quality, full-length albums in less than four years. And that's not counting EPs, singles, tours, or solo records. If the sorry state of the present day indie- alt- or just plain rock landscape is the disease, GBV is the cure! Do not take in moderation.

An Unmarked Product - A Guided By Voices Covers Tape:
Limited to 200 copies. This tape will be available, first come, first served at the Guided By Voices launch party on the 18th of May at the Lexington alongside cassette versions of all the recent Guided By Voices albums on a special GBV Merch table.

1. Fawn Spots - Motor Away
2. Luke Saxton - Echos Myron
3. H. Grimace - Over The Neptune
4. Finnmark - Jar of Cardinals
5. Keel Her - Crutch Came Slinking
6. Incredible Weapons - Dragons Awake!
7. Barbados! - How's My Drinking?
8. Savaging Spires - Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
1. Worm - I Am A Tree
2. Kasey Keller Big Band - Drag Days
3. Sam Forrest - Gleemer
4. Slowhammer - Teenage FBI
5. Brown Brogues - My Valuable Hunting Knife
6. Ex-Painters - Acorns & Orioles
7. Echo Brigades - Please Freeze Me

Listen to 'Table at Fool's Tooth' here: