Actress Gretchen Mol wishes she had never been hyped up in Hollywood in the 1990s, because she became a laughing stock when her career flopped. In 1998, the star of ROUNDERS and Woody Allen's CELEBRITY was tipped for major stardom, especially after glossy magazine Vanity Fair featured her on the front page - but she then ironically found acting jobs became scarcer than ever. She says, "I can't really keep up with what the perception of it is now; I've lost the plot. I know how it felt in the moment, which was, 'Oh-oh, that was bad, it was wrong, it didn't work and now it's harder to get jobs.' But then I think, 'Well, it was always hard to get jobs, and I've never had a career where one thing came after another. And it still doesn't, even now.' "I've certainly spent time thinking about it and analysing it, to the point where it feels like it happened to somebody else. It was just the timing, really. It was just funny that the magazine would have so much impact."