Actress Greta Scacchi has slammed director James Ivory for failing to introduce her by her full name at a recent DVD launch.

The 44-year-old screen veteran - who starred in the 1995 Ivory production JEFFERSON IN PARIS - was appearing at the event last week (ends16JUL04) along with other MERCHANT IVORY regulars.

But when the 76-year-old film-maker identified her to the crowd at a Q+A session by her first name, Scacchi was rankled.

She fumes, "What do you think it means that James didn't say my surname?

"Everyone else got their full title but he just called me Greta. Is it because he feels closer to me than his other actresses? I shouldn't think so. It's more likely that he thought he couldn't pronounce it."

20/07/2004 13:35