Greta Gerwig's stylist thinks her client has a ''supermodel body''.

Cristina Ehrlich has claimed that her Academy Award-nominated client has a Cindy Crawford-vibe about her, and she explained that the 'Lady Bird' filmmaker's ''strong'' look helps to determine how she approaches her red carpet style.

Cristina explained: ''Greta has a supermodel body, she's a 1990s Cindy Crawford type.

''She's statuesque, and she really knows how to pull her shoulders back. When a client looks and feels strong, it dictates a different sort of journey for me.''

Cristina has a limited amount of time to spend with Greta, because of her jam-packed working schedule.

But she admits that the actress' willingness to take fashion risks is a big help for her as a stylist.

Cristina - who has also worked with Anna Kendrick and Priyanka Chopra - told Vogue magazine: ''We've really had to use the time we had together.

''My team and I have been playing the game: 'can we nail the dress in the first 10 options?', but it has been fun. She's the perfect example of a woman who is intrigued and loves to play with fashion, so she comes in and says, 'make me look beautiful', and we do just that.

''There's a level of trust, because Greta only works with a team that allows her to do her job the best that she can.''

Cristina also revealed her client was determined to define her look before she made the transition into directing.

She said: ''There's a stereotype of how female directors dress - suited up, black - like an elevated version of a publicist.

''Greta pointed that out to my team at the beginning of the season, because she didn't want to give off the air of, 'Now I am a director, it doesn't matter what I am wearing'.''