Screen legend Gregory Peck's star has been stolen from Hollywood's Walk of Fame, leaving a gaping hole in the showbiz sidewalk.

The stellar tribute had lain in the pavement on Hollywood Boulevard for more than 40 years, honouring Peck's impressive movie career - including lead performances in 1962 classic To Kill a Mockingbird and Satan spawn horror The Omen.

But his glittering accolade is the fourth to be stolen from the street since the awards began in 1958.

It vanished between 17 and 22 November (05), joining James Stewart, Kirk Douglas and GENE AUTRY's stars.

Honourary Hollywood mayor JOHNNY GRANT says, "They just left a big hole out there. Somebody went out there with a cement saw and carved it out."

Peck's award, located at 6100 Hollywood Boulevard, had become a popular tourist attraction since his death aged 87 in 2003.