Actor Greg Kinnear has found a serious downside to the recent birth of his baby daughter LILY - his dog has been relegated to life as a regular animal.

Kinnear and his writer wife HELEN welcomed their first child into the world on 12 September (03), and while they're elated with their new status as parents, their pooch has been left as a runner-up in household affection.

Kinnear, who stars alongside Matt Damon in the new comedy Stuck On You, says, "The dog (has been) bumped back to economy pretty quickly! It feels so bad 'cause we do have a great dog and he's a complicated animal to begin with and a little forlorn, so he demands a great deal of attention and a great deal of love. And he got that...

"Then three months ago, suddenly you have this baby and there's no way to not treat him like he's an animal. We love him and we treat him well, but there's just no way."

18/12/2003 20:58