Actor Greg Kinnear has caught the inventing bug after playing the man who came up with the idea for an intermittent windshield wiper in a new movie.
Portraying Bob Kearns in the new film Flash of Genius has left Kinnear thinking about all the other simple things he could invent - like an electronic golfball finder.
He explains, "I play golf a little bit and I don't know why somebody can't invent an electronic ball finder for $29.95. It's a great father's day gift and it would sell off the racks.
"When a mediocre golfer can't find a ball that is four feet from them is baffling to me in the year 2008.
"That's my big invention that I'm putting out into the world. Obviously I do want credit and I will sue you if take that without my consultation rights."
In the film Kinnear's real-life character has his car accessory idea stolen from him and he fights the might of the Ford Motor Company to get the proper credit for his invention.