Movie star Greg Kinnear has responded to remarks made by politician ROBERT F. Kennedy, JR. suggesting the TV adaptation of his family's story, which features the actor, was historically inaccurate.
Executives at America's The History Channel have scrapped plans to air the project, in which Kinnear plays assassinated John F. Kennedy, claiming the finished product wasn't a "fit" for the network.
Producers are now scrambling to find a U.S. home for the series and Kinnear insists he's proud of the project.
He tells Access Hollywood, "It's unfortunate.
"We had an extraordinary, great group behind the show and it was done with great care and sensitivity and The History Channel, for whatever reason, got into the hot box on that.
"We’re hoping it finds a home. I’m not sure what its status is right now."
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. previously stated that he had heard the project was "created by a group of people who had an extreme and ingrained hostility towards my family and that they... twisted history."
The Kennedys also features Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy.