Actor Greg Kinnear felt like he was judging a dog show when he had to pick the springer spaniel who looked most like him for a new film role. The As Good As It Gets star's character has a canine look-alike in new film Feast of Love, and Kinnear was called upon to cast the mutt. He tells WENN, "I was brought into a room with the director and there were seven dogs. "I understood why this was important - it's a big part of the movie with my character, Bradley, and his dog, Bradley, Jr - but I didn't think I'd be picking out the dog. "The director, Robert Benton, brings me into this room and says, 'OK, which one's Bradley? Which one looks like you?'" Kinnear gave his 'look-alike' its big break, but struggled to win the dog's respect: "I had a fairly good relationship with my movie pooch until he crapped in my trailer."