Greg Kinnear will star as the former US President JOHN F. Kennedy when the highly anticipated new drama series 'The Kennedys' premieres on the 'ReelzChannel' network in April 2011.
GREG KINNEAR has been lauded for his depiction of the controversial politician but the project was originally rejected by the History Channel on the grounds of historical inaccuracies, reports People Magazine.
However, on 3rd April 2011 'The Kennedys' will premiere on 'ReelzChannel', a network currently home to the likes of 'Becker', '3rd Rock From The Sun' and 'Ally MCBeal'. CEO of the network STAN E. HUBBARD said in a statement that he was happy to bring a gritty drama that explored all sides to the famous family to the network, adding, "When you watch this, there are incredible successes and unbelievable tragedies. The family stays together and they're loyal to each other and to the country throughout the highest highs and the lowest lows". The project, which reportedly cost $30m to produce, has been directed by EMMY AWARD winner Jon Cassar, best known for his work on '24' and also stars Katie Holmes, Tom Wilkinson and CHRIS DIAMANTOPOULOS.
Speaking on his Twitter page yesterday (1st February 2011) director Cassar simply noted, "The Kennedys finds a US home".