Locals living close to California's Home Depot Center are furious with the concert venue's officials after they ditched a ban on Green Day to welcome the punk trio this summer (05).

The AMERICAN IDIOT hitmakers sold out the stadium-sized venue in minutes last month (APR05) after being taken off a banned list drawn up by owners and neighbours, who wanted to keep controversial acts away.

Eminem, Snoop Dogg, P DIDDY, Ice Cube and Metallica are among the 28 artists still on the list, but owners at Anschutz Entertainment Group insist, "In the last few years, Green Day has become more mainstream and more acceptable to great members of fans."

But the decision has upset many, who helped draw up the banned list.

Former councillor GIL SMITH is opposed to the decision to allow Green Day to play at the Home Depot Center because he still remembers the debauchery at a GRATEFUL DEAD show on the site years ago.

He tells the LOS ANGELES TIMES, "They had people all over the place... people were roaming all over the neighbourhood. There were instances where patrons urinated in the yard and all that other stuff. Everything you could think of was going on."

The Grateful Dead were banned from the venue, then the Olympic Velodrome.

02/05/2005 02:22