Green Day wowed European fans with their electric live shows earlier this year (05) - but the US rockers had a very different experience when they first toured the continent in 1991.

The AMERICAN IDIOT rockers played a staggering 64 gigs during a three-month period when they were a largely unknown punk-rock band, and they will never forget their experiences in Germany.

Singer BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG - who had head lice by the end of the tour - says, "We played squats in Germany for months. There were five bands on the bill, four of which sounded like Napalm Death. Then there was us."

Drummer TRE COOL continues, "Those Germans were packing (armed), man. All these squats would have rooms with ski masks and slings and buckets of rocks and bricks and things, in case the squatters had to go to war the police or the Nazi skins or whoever. It was fairly gnarly, man."

17/02/2005 17:31