Rockers Green Day broke down in tears when they saw their AMERICAN IDIOT musical on Broadway for the first time - because they were overwhelmed to see their work on the famous New York stage.
The production, which is based around the group's 2004 album of the same name, debuted in California in September (09) and opened in the Big Apple on Tuesday night (20Apr10).
The show has received mixed reviews from critics - but the group is delighted with the musical.
Bassist Mike Dirnt says, "We were all in tears because you don't get to see Green Day play if you're in Green Day.
"To hear those voices and the way all the cast were singing, you just abandon hope of a tissue and let them (tears) stream."
Musical director Michael Mayer adds, "I was watching the actors and I catch the eye of one of the singers, and he just gives me a little thumbs-up sign, and so that gave me the courage to look over at the band.
"And there were tears in their eyes. I saw what we were doing was connecting to them on a heart-and-soul level, it wasn't about commerce or business."