Mike Dirnt has challenged his wife to a tattoo competition.

The Green Day rocker is determined to outdo his spouse Brittney - who he married earlier this year - after she had his name tattooed on the inside of her mouth and plans to permanently inkg his eye in a bid to prove his love for her.

He said: "My wife just tattooed my name inside of her lip. Fair is fair. Why not? I'll tattoo my eye with her name."

Meanwhile, drummer Tre Cool has revealed he wants to get a rodent inked onto his chest in homage to British graffiti artist Banksy.

He said: "I want rats that are like bouncers. They're standing outside a rat hole with a red rope and a little red carpet coming out... to guard the entrance to my heart."

Green Day are not the only musicians to enjoy unusual tattoos.

'Poker Face' singer Lady GaGa recently admitted she was "flattered" her fans choose to have tattoos of her.

She said: "This fan got this amazing tattoo on his arm, this massive Lady Gaga tattoo that was very intricate and very detailed and in it I was wearing this crystal outfit - but this thing was like an art piece. I was so flattered because tattoos are for life."