Punk rockers Green Day have lashed out at American President George W Bush in their controversial new album, AMERICAN IDIOT.

The outspoken BASKET CASE stars are furious at Bush for ordering the war in Iraq, claiming it was a conflict based on deceit, and their eighth album is a self-confessed rock opera which details the President's mistakes and injustices.

The group have been dedicated to the American rock campaign urging young voters to vote in the forthcoming presidential election and hope the CD - which is released on 21 September (04) - will increase the number of young Democrats.

Singer Billie Joe Armstrong explains, "The album details the alienation and disillusionment of the American citizen under Bush's post-War On Terror administration."

The band headline the Britain's Carling Weekend: READING AND LEEDS festivals this weekend (28-29AUG04) where they will debut material from American Idiot.

25/08/2004 21:07