Punk rockers Green Day have withdrawn their pre-1994 back catalogue from Californian music label Lookout! Records.

The BASKET CASE hitmakers - Billie Joe Armstrong, TRE COOL and MIKE DIRNT - have pulled albums including 1,000 HOURS EP, SLAPPY EP, 1,039/ SMOOTHED OUT SLAPPY HOUR and KERPLUNK from the San Francisco firm.

Despite an acknowledgment of the withdrawal on both Lookout! and Green Day's websites, both sides have declined to reveal the reason behind the split.

A statement on Green Day's website denies reports Lookout! failed to pay the trio back royalties from the discs.

It reads, "Despite any rumours or conjecture to the contrary, Lookout! and Green Day's long relationship has always been based on trust, friendship and partnership and those bonds remain shared between the label and the band now and into the future."