The members of Green Day have become huge fans of a tequila cocktail named after comedian CHEECH MARIN - thanks to rocker Alice Cooper's attempts at cheating during a golf game.

Drummer TRE COOL recently joined No Doubt's Adrian Young at Cooper's golfing tournament, and ended up walking away with a new tipple to share with his impressed bandmates.

He says, "Timothy Leary taught Cheech (how to make) that drink a long time ago. He drinks it, and now it's been adopted by us.

"Cheech is a golfer. Me and Adrian Young were at Alice Cooper's golf tournament. The night before, Alice Cooper was like, 'Keep Adrian out late, because he won the tournament last year (03), and I want to win this year (04). So keep him out late.'

"Okay sure thing, Alice Cooper. You got it! So we're leaving, and Adrian's like, 'Let's call Cheech.' We all went to a strip club. And we've been drinking it ever since."

The drink consists of PATRON SILVER tequila, tonic and lemon.

22/09/2004 09:26