Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong was so elated when his band scooped six Grammy nominations last month (DEC04), he stepped out in public wearing colourful underwear over his trousers.

The trio picked up the trail of nods for their latest album AMERICAN IDIOT, and rocker Armstrong admits his first impulse was to don a bizarre outfit.

He says, "The day we heard about the nominations we were playing the Hark Rock in Las Vegas, and I put this pair of green and purple star-covered underwear over my pants.

"When I walked in everyone was like, 'Why are you wearing that?' I was like, 'I got (six) Grammy nominations. I can wear whatever the hell I want.'"

While Armstrong doesn't plan to wear the outfit at next month's (FEB05) ceremony, he does promise that he and bandmates TRE COOL and MIKE DIRNT will give one of their best stage performances.

He adds, "We are planning something to remember. The idea is to get everybody's jewellery in the front row to start rattling."

07/01/2005 09:36