Green Day have dismissed critics who deem them too old for punk rock, insisting they're a "vital" component of today's music scene.

The BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG-fronted band - all in their 30s - reached what many rock enthusiasts thought would be their peak in the mid-1990s with their acclaimed album DOOKIE.

However, they've managed to spectacularly propel themselves back into the limelight with their GRAMMY-winning 2004 disc AMERICAN IDIOT - and their sudden relevance again is proof to Armstrong his band were born to rock.

He says, "I wouldn't say that we feel like a younger band than we ever have, but we do definitely feel more vital than ever. We have so much energy right now, just because we feel so good about this album and the response every night when we play.

"It just feels like this is what we were put on the planet to do."

25/02/2005 17:47